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Sunny Farms Landfill is now WIN Waste Innovations

A Safe and Well-Managed Landfill

Ohio EPA says that Sunny Farms Landfill is safe and well-managed.

Sunny Farms Landfill Complaint Reduction with WIN Waste’s Technology Investments:


EPA Responses

The following are direct statements from EPA responses to public comments on SFL’s expansion permit application:

“The facility is in compliance with the requirements of the July 2019 consent agreement.

Since Feb. 27, 2020, Sunny Farms Landfill has been submitting monthly reports showing continuous compliance with the interim limit. In addition, computer modeling was conducted to demonstrate that the interim control measures were protective of human health and the environment.

Modeling results indicate that the emissions are within NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) and Ohio’s Air Toxics rules. When the new sulfur control system is installed, the facility’s emissions from the flare will be far lower and further improve the region’s compliance with the NAAQS.”

Additional Direct Statements From Ohio EPA:


“Ohio EPA has direct readings of H2S showing that the landfill is being managed in a matter that controls odors.”

“Calls to the odor hotline indicate that odor concerns … were largely addressed by April of 2019.”