Sunny Farms Landfill is now WIN Waste Innovations
Performance for the planet
WIN Waste Innovations delivers reliable waste collection and hauling backed by personal, responsive customer service. We’re connected to the communities we serve and committed to the future we share. That’s how we all WIN.

Responsibly managing discarded materials. Serving the community.
This is what we do.

This is Sunny Farms Landfill

We operate as a full-service landfill located outside Fostoria, Ohio. Our rail-driven operation is at home in a town that celebrates rail’s importance to the community. We encourage you to get to know us and the necessary role we play in supporting a vibrant community.

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What people see: Unload. Cover. Repeat.

What we are: The modern landfill is a remarkable engineering, scientific and technical advancement for bettering our community.

Learn what really happens at the landfill.

Latest News
Sunny Farms caps a section of the landfill in 2016 as that portion of the facility reaches capacity.
Sunny Farms builds an additional landfill cell for future waste disposal needs.
This surface water retention pond along with our leachate holding tank and flare systems, are among Sunny Farms' environmental safeguards.

Waste production is a reality of daily living. So is the need to dispose of it properly.

That’s where we come in.

Our ability to handle this material responsibly, in accordance with complex and demanding regulatory standards, really does matter.

Rules we follow

A commitment to our community.


We serve the community through expert implementation of our work safely and with transparency, and we pledge to keep people up to date on new developments.

Community Partnerships

We also believe our involvement in the community is every bit as important, and we achieve that through educational and environmental partnerships that impact and improve the quality of our local community.

Stay informed about what’s happening at the landfill and how our team is making things happen in the community.

Landfills are typically full of… questions.

We welcome questions from the community and have answered a series of frequently asked questions we receive. Have a question that isn’t here? Just ask.

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